A well behaved dog makes for a happier dog and family!

Fitness training

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after with your dog. We believe almost any dog can be a fantastic companion given the proper motivation and training. We use science-based methods and utilize the most up-to-date research along with tried and true techniques to help form a complete training program.

Basic manners

The most important aspect of training that we address is life skills. Whether you want a dog that will be an active adventure partner or running buddy, or if you want a pup to curl up on the couch for a little Netflix and chill time, we can figure out the best way for you to set clear parameters for the dog so they know what is expected and allowed to create the best relationship. This included building strong foundational skills for puppies under six months.

We have classes taught by Adam Winston ( starting on a regular basis. Contact him for available classes and times. Classes begin at $249 for a 6-week class.

You can also turn your dog’s daycare visit into a learning experience. Click HERE for more on our Doggy Day Camp program.

We can get you started with day training, training add-ons during a stay, private sessions by appointment, or our popular board & stay option.

Call us at (360) 495-4800 to set up a lesson.

Puppy foundations

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