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The Spa


Grooming/Bathing/Nail Trims

We’re always happy to bathe your dog or trim its nails at Country Inn Pet Resort in McCleary.  We always appreciate advance notice if you want to bring your dog for a bath.  Baths include a brush out and toenail trim or you can just have us trim your dog’s nails if you don’t want a bath.  We are not taking any grooming appointments at the present (April, 2019) as our groomer broke her arm.  We can still bathe your dog (just no hair cutting for now) We always keep flea shampoo on hand if you think a flea bath is in order.

Consider adding a bath to your boarding stay, or just call us at (360) 495-4800 to arrange a drop-in bath or nail trim.  Our bathing rates are very reasonable.

Bo knows hair – all this hair from brushing and blow-drying only.


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