Country Inn Pet Resort offers boarding for your dog with comfortable Kuranda beds with orthopedic foam topperimg_0560-1s, in-floor radiant heating, several large play yards where your dog can exercise and make friends with other appropriate guests, all in a beautiful wooded setting. 

img_9644-1 We try to keep things simple for you.  We suggest bringing your pet’s food to avoid any stomach upset switching foods, however we can provide it if you prefer for a small fee. We also have beds, blankets, and bowls, but you are welcome to bring a blanket, old shirt, or other toy or item to remind your pet of home.

All dogs coming in MUST provide PROOF of vaccination for rabies, bordatella, and distemper. Cats need to be vaccinated for rabies, FVRCP, and feline leukemia.

We have no breed bans.  We also have no minimum stay, but we are closed for pick-up/drop-off on major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).

Drop off is after 12pm and pickup is before 12pm. Pets arriving/departing outside the standard hours may be charged a half-day daycare fee. Daycare pass holders are exempt from this fee.

Boarding rates for dogs:

$35 per night for one dog

$54 for two dogs in the same kennel*.

$15 per dog for any additional dogs sharing kennel*

Spend more than 7 nights with us and get 10% off your nightly charge for the entire stay. 

We require a 2-night NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to confirm a reservation. Cancellation or rescheduling with 7 days or more notice will allow you to transfer your deposit to your next visit. Notification of cancellation or rescheduling with less than 7 days notice will forfeit deposit.

Dogs eating house food have a $1 per day charge. Cats and small dogs are $.50.

Puppies under 6 months of age** will have a $5 per day fee to offset the extra care and attention required.

Daily playtime (minimum 4 times) INCLUDED

Administering medications NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

Want to make your pup’s stay a little more interesting? Add on a special service.

  • Stuffed KONG        $5
  • Marrow bone $5
  • Extra nature walk    $7
  • 1-on-1 Playtime $10
  • Deluxe Stay Package  –including nightly KONG or nighttime treats, daily personal walk, and a free bath before leaving– $44 per night (including boarding fee) 
  • Pick-up/Drop-off outside normal operating hours may be available for a $20 charge.

*A maximum of 4 dogs per kennel and we reserve the right to require multiple kennels for the safety or comfort of the dogs and staff.

**Puppies under 4 months of age(16weeks) will not be allowed to board except in special circumstances and with pre-approval.

Daycare play pals


  • Half Day (less than 4 hours)    $11
  • Full Day (over 4 hours)    $17
  • 10 Full days package            $145

Boarding for cats

For the cats, we offer cozy condos with a picturesque view overlooking the play areas, several cat trees for climbing, and fun tunnels to explore in their own quiet space.

Cozy cats

$18 per cat per night

Litter provided

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