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7 days a week (except major holidays)
no drop-offs after 6:30pm, please

Hopefully this will give our clients more opportunity to pick up their dogs in the evenings – especially on Sundays. Please call us ahead of time if you absolutely need to be here between 12:30 and 3 and we will attempt to accommodate you.




Jackie Loeser is the trainer at Country Inn Pet Resort and Canine Campus. On our blog she will offer training tips.

April, 2015:

Thoughts on Kennel Cough from Country Inn Pet Resort:


  • We encourage the Bordetella vaccination but recognize its limits: There are at least 40 agents capable of initiating Bordetella, but only 2 of these agents are contained in the intranasal vaccine.
  • The vaccine can actually produce kennel-cough like symptoms. Bordetella will shed from a vaccinated dog for up to several weeks. We would prefer that your dog’s Bordetella vaccine be a bit out of date rather than vaccinating the dog immediately prior to your stay.
  • We do our best to limit the conditions that can promote spreading of the disease. We want your dog to have the cleanest possible run, bedding and bowls daily. Some factors can increase the possibility of transmission…these include a full kennel, cold and wet weather (which can reduce our ventilation opportunities) and recently vaccinated dogs (see above).

 Here’s an informative kennel cough video:


November, 2014:

I just read an article in a pet magazine about how your dog is going to bite someone if you are not “dominant” over them. Huh? The scary thing is people will read this rubbish and believe it.
You don’t need to dominate your dog to have a healthy relationship. Actually, using fear and intimidation will harm your relationship with your dog and put you in a more likely position to be bitten. Dogs are our friends and companions. I don’t think many of our human friends would stick around too long if we tried to dominate them, so why would you behave that way toward your dog?
JourneyDogs are smart. They do what works. If you give your dog everything he wants for free, he might think he is in charge. But that doesn’t mean you have to be “dominant” over your dog. It means you have to be a fair, consistent leader.  For everything you do for your dog, he should do something for you. For example, ask him to sit before you give him his dinner… or lay down before you open the door to let him out. Have him shake or some other trick before you invite him on the couch.
By asking your dog to do things for you, you gain his respect. A respectful relationship is one built on trust and fairness. If your dog trusts you, he will allow you to handle him, come to you when you call him, and just be an easier dog to live with in general.  Dogs like to have direction. Set fair rules and boundaries for your dog and be consistent in reinforcing them. Build a healthy relationship with your dog right from the start and you will have his lifetime to enjoy it!

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